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Winter in Belmontas

Winter in Belmontas
Belmontas is like an oasis in a forest. This place of interest in Lithuanian capital Vilnius is popular because of a chance to be in an extraordinary nature with amazing ponds, bridges, fountains, waterfalls and the river Vilnelė.

When managing the territory, the main attention was drawn to the restoration of the former windmill hydrotechnic system – the intake and offtake canal was restored, seven bridges were built above it, as well as cascades and a fountain. The key element of this canal is one of the biggest waterwheels in Lithuania. A huge pond has been established in the central part of the complex, its waters are curving down the artificial waterfall into the river Vilnelė.

A long and complex network of walkway has been established in the central territory, its length is approximately 1 kilometre; also, there are resting and observation sites, arbours of various shapes, an amphitheatre, parterres, fountains and other numerous attractive elements of landscape and minor architecture.

Impressive illumination of the entire complex creates a vision of a charming and mysterious night.