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Verkiai Palace

Verkiai Palace
Verkiai Palace is located in Verkiai regional park on the bank of river Neris. It is one of the most valuable Classical ensembles in Lithuania. Here you can find 15 buildings and a beautiful park. Also on the east side of Verkiai palace park you can admire a spectacular view from the top of the hill. It is a great place to run from the city and find the spirit of historical estates and their culture.

The Palace of Verkiai has been built in the 17th century. Nowadays the Palace of Verkiai is one of the most magnificent shapes created by architects. It is a gorgeous building that can boast of extremely luxurious decorations inside. The Palace has three floors and a cellar. Entering the building, visitors will be met by a spacious hall with the principal staircase. Guests will also be impressed by the grand Knights' (White) Hall, the Empire Hall, the Classicism (Red) Hall and the Baroque (Blue) Hall. At the same time, Verkiai extremely attracts people thanks to its striking nature combined of three blocks. The central block represents the Classicism Style.