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Vilnius Calvary

Vilnius Calvary
Vilnius Calvary (Way of the Cross) has appeared in the XVII century by initiative of Vilnius archbishop Jurgis Belazaras in gratitude to God for the country's liberation from the oppression of the tsarist Russian army.

This Way of the Cross in exactly reproduces the topography of Jerusalem the time of Jesus Christ. The total length of the path (7 km), the distance between stops at the steps, and even in the feet correspond to the reality of the Holy Land. Stops are marked 20 stone chapel, a bridge over Cedron river (Baltupiai), one stone and seven wooden gates. Three stops fitted in the Finding of the Holy Cross Church.

Almost all parts of this unique baroque ensemble in Soviet times were destroyed, and were restored only in 2002 year. This way, reproduces Gospel events in the natural landscape of Verkiai Regional Park, the Cross refers to the great waterways of Europe.